Wake up teachers we are not all the same

50 minit lessons secondary school college
50 minutes to pass on your knowledge
Lesson plan organised for class ..a plan is wishful thinking
Some brains expanding ..others shrinking
When your plan doesnt go to plan
Some understand more than others can
I take it that was not in your plan
One boy has only written out the date
Forgotten equipment and turned up late
You assume his rebellion and accuse him of wasting your session
And put him down and exclude from your lesson
Being late is hard enough
negative comments make him act tough
So my child is different to others you see
He has neurological differences like me
Hes had poetry published in a book
You assume hes normal by his look
Hes a sporting genius and he is full of love
Hes cleverer than kids in 3 sets above
He has played twice at Everton's ground
His ears are sensitive to every sound
But you still shout
Still single him out
Hes disturbed your lesson plan no doubt
So you kick him out
You are in some sort of hurry
You've boxes to tick oh such worry
Do you actually believe what you r teaching
Do you practice what you're preaching
Do see you are not being true..
The robotic messages my son sees through
Next time you scrutinise my son for messing
Look in his eyes that boy is a blessing


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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 13:53

Thankyou all very much for the beautiful feedback xx
It means alot to me xx

<Deleted User> (24283)

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 14:27

I totally agree with this piece. The education system needs overhauling.

Your child is the best. Every child is. I agree.

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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 14:16

Thanks so much everyone x

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Binte Afroz

Mon 9th Mar 2020 11:14

Well done, Sarah. Teachers should believe in their students when they don't even believe in themselves. Every child matters and can do miracles if circumstances are favourable for their growth and some of them need a push only. Beautiful poem!

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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Mar 2020 10:35

This is good.....

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