Winter Trees

Oh Me, Oh My!

I don't have the physical energy

I used to take for granted.

Now - pinches and jabs without warning

And the need for more rest,

Preferably in my own bed.

I'm so blessed to have a wide window

And from my pillow, trees to see.


Wonderful trees!

Reaching tall over the rooftops,

Dominating the street.

In mid-winter, stripped to their naked cores,

Dark, wrinkled and scarred;

Writhing, twisting, coiling,

Spreading upward, outward

Into their gazillion twigs.

Each tree so different,

A study of strength and delicacy,

Of sheer tenacity!


This morning a thought flipped through my head.

'That tree reminds me of my brain:

A morass of branches and twigs

On the apex of My Trunk!'

What a dopey idea it was.

I laughed into my pillow,

Threw off the duvet

And got up, smiling.


But, to be honest,

Looking back,

Maybe it wasn't so weird.


Cynthia Buell Thomas, January, 2020

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 26th Jan 2020 14:03

A beautiful quote, Tom. Thanks.

And thanks to everyone who has read this. I do love trees, all kinds of trees, in all seasons, in all climates.

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Thu 23rd Jan 2020 12:36

I loved this Cynthia.

One of my favourite singers (Bill Callahan) sings on his song 'All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast'; "The leafless tree looked like a brain / The birds within were all the thoughts and desires within me".

So, you're in good company.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 22nd Jan 2020 17:46

Like Larkin's poem on trees, your own lines reveal the ability to
begin "Afresh, afresh, afresh"! Good one.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 21st Jan 2020 19:22

This is a fine poem, Cynthia. Best wishes to you and hope and trust you recover your energy after these January days. But those trees are a great consolation.

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