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sex in dangerous places


i have an irresistable urge

for wild, rampant sex

in dangerous places

blow jobs in doorways, gardens and parks

and other public spaces

a cafe, a restaurant or Herna Bar

a bus, a tram or a stranger's car

kissing and cuddling is just not enough

half hidden in shadows or under the trees

i want oral and anal and other rough stuff

with the girl on her knees

in the metro or subway

i have no real preference

the urge to have sex in half public ways

will be with me I'm sure, until the end of my days

◄ There is no god

death is not the end ►


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Steven Dark

Mon 12th Apr 2010 12:49

hey Stef, well err... I'm not in the habit of paying but I might be tempted :). Thanks for the comments and hello to wifey :}

@andy n. Could I write anything that isn't true? :)

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Andy N

Mon 12th Apr 2010 08:16

if i started doing my pieces in this style, m8.. I would probably get barred from this site - lol Nice one for having the guts to share this! I hope its not based on fact - lol

<Deleted User> (6895)

Fri 9th Apr 2010 22:50

Are you willing to pay? I,ll just fetch the wife.She loves your poetry.good one Wytchy-Stef.

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