A Vacant Room

A Vacant Room


It spoke not one word of its owner

there were no signs of it being lived in

Large windows gave an abundant light

there were no curtains only blinds

The furnishings were spartan and unadorned

with clear lines of black, white and glass

The sofa was of black shiny leather

a two seater with a matching armchair

A clear glass table for coffee and drinks

occupied a central position

Stainless steel tubular legs supported it

A black fluffy rug sat under the table

as an after thought to a lack of imagination

The walls and ceiling were of plain white

with empty walls and no pictures

It possessed a clinical quality

cold and unwelcoming if not inhospitable

There was little to see or focus on

with no footprint of ownership

It was bare and uninviting but very modern

A solitary lamp was fixed to the ceiling

its shade bore the resemblance of a saucer

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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Jan 2020 22:32

I'm a piece of clutter
Looking for a home
Kicked out by this woman
Made to flee, to roam

Looking for a kind man
Wanting me, nice clutter
Hug me, make me happy
Take me out the gutta


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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Jan 2020 18:22


How true! My mother epitomised the 'Ideal Home Exhibition', forever fluffing the cushions, dusting and re arranging, whereas Dad dropped his newspaper in the hearth, picked up his pipe and bellowed healthy clouds of tobacco smoke upon us all. A home is a place to be lived in, not a display zone. I am glad to be free of the smoke but support the notion that a home is a dwelling place and not some sort of window for so called ideal living.
Bring on the clutter.

Thanks for the comment

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 15th Jan 2020 16:04

"Away with minimalism, do I hear you mutter?
Let us create and covet our clutter!"
Personally,, i've always identified with the description -
Organised chaos.
But it seems to be a male thing that engenders the opposite
response in the tidy female frame of mind. Maybe that's why many
married men have to retire to a shed in the garden?! 😊.

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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Jan 2020 15:03

Martin, thank you for this. Clutter is a part of who we are; the baggage we carry and a reminder to us of times past and their significance in our lives. Keith

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Martin Elder

Wed 15th Jan 2020 09:11

There is certain parts of me that likes minimalism but like you I am more at home with my clutter after all who wants to end up being part of a display in an a gallery or perhaps in my case a museum.
Nice one Keith

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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Jan 2020 08:34


Thanks. We are kindred spirits.


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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Jan 2020 02:37

I know exactly how you feel Keith:

Modern caffs are clinical
Minimal as can be
Nothing on the walls as such
So boring to me

Hillbillys is the cafe
I spend all of my time
Bohemian, picture-covered walls
Inspires all of my rhyme

Helped by my sweet Muse of Mirth Thalia....


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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Jan 2020 00:28

Dear All,

Thank you for your comments which nearly all included the word minimalism. I suppose they thought they had reached some point of design purity when in actual fact they produced a blandness which has not stood the test of time. When I compare the room I describe with my own sitting room I know where I would rather spend my time. A room festooned with pictures and portraits, a piano, endless book shelves and ornaments galore with table lamps and a magnificent standard lamp not to mention a fire screen which can be converted into a card table. Death to minimalism. Long live clutter.

Thank you again

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Don Matthews

Tue 14th Jan 2020 22:03

My dress is oh so minimal
It stretches to my knees
I like to wear it oh so short
So I can the boys tease

My furnishings on top?
Not much, they show a lot
I'm little Spartan Sally
Spartan Sally wot?.....


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th Jan 2020 20:05

I can remember this sort of interior design being popular some decades ago...the days when David Bailey made photography
a trendy thing and Mary Quant raised hems - and "ahems" - in her
personal feminine (NOT feminist!) quest for "minimalism". 😎

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 14th Jan 2020 15:45

The age of minimalism wonderfully expressed Keith. I can imagine this room quite vividly, I loved your poetic description. I feel that you were in this room and disturbed by it's lack of character.

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