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I recall hearing a story once – I think it was from the Bible – about someone who cried only twice when his father hit him.  Once was the first time when he cried because it hurt.  The second was the last time his father hit him and he cried because it didn’t – he realised his ageing father was dying.

I too recollect a similar incident.

I’d guess I’d have been around fourteen years old and my dad hit me hard across the face for something.  It was completely unwarranted and he immediately begged my forgiveness with tears in his eyes.

It was as if in that moment The Man passed between us.




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John Coopey

Tue 14th Jan 2020 23:16

I'm sure you're right, MC.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th Jan 2020 19:58

Pain comes in a variety of forms, some more hurtful and more lasting than others. But the irony exists in the awareness given by age of
the susceptibility to the occasional violent frailties that age itself can create in the context of human relationships.

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John Coopey

Tue 14th Jan 2020 17:35

Sorry to hear that, Kev.

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kJ Walker

Tue 14th Jan 2020 16:16

The last time my dad hit me was the first time I hit him back. He kicked me out of the house, and we never spoke again.

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John Coopey

Mon 13th Jan 2020 20:26

A rare moment of self-indulgent navel gazing in keeping with the tone of most posts on the site, Brian.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 13th Jan 2020 19:05

John...this needed a pre-warning "DEEP FEELINGS EXPRESSED" as we don't expect this from you.

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