The Waiting Room

The common room was large,

Seating patients for diverse appointments in the area.

It was well occupied that afternoon.


My husband and I found two, vacant chairs

In the front row of one section,

Facing the same arrangement a few feet opposite.

A woman directly across from us

Was seated with her skirted knees spread widely,

Offering a view 'all the way to China'.

The line of sight was unavoidable.

It wasn't like seeing a lady with a loose shoelace.


My husband, a kind gentleman,

Whispered to me, 'I think I should tell her.'

And I hissed back, 'Not on your life!

If it's unintentional, she'll be mortified.

If it's on purpose, she'll be thrilled.

That is just a female fact.

You can't know which way the cat will jump.

And neither way is good.

I'm not chancing it either, so don't ask!

Avert your eyes.'

Which I was finding hard to do myself.

She was right in our face.


The nurse announced my name.

Thank God!

We went into consultation together,

And later left by an alternate route

Without a backward glance.

But, for me,

Not without a backward thought:

'Innocence' or 'Intention' intrigues me!

Cynthia Buell Thomas, Jan., 2020





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Fri 10th Jan 2020 13:50

I really enjoyed this Cynthia. There's something about those strange moments in life where no explanation is forthcoming and you're just left wondering... great inspiration to the poet; that lightning rod for strangeness and experience. 👍

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Fri 10th Jan 2020 13:50

More power to her! 😆

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 10th Jan 2020 13:25

As you well know, much 'intrigues' me. My favourite phrase: 'Now, isn't that interesting!' And I'm hooked.

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