Thoughts in Daylight

Cancer has a one track mind.

Once it enters your body

Its sole goal is: Destroy The Host!

And it is devious.

If it finds one channel barred

It seeks another.

All the natural subterfuge and medical defence

Cannot protect everything at once.

Your whole self wobbles under attack,

Trying to 'keep its feet'

As the very ground shudders.


TIME! Treatment buys time.

And gratitude is unmeasurable.

But 'Aliveness' is now untrustworthy.

It would be easy to become morose.

But what would that accomplish?

In truth, how is this struggle any different

From any other person's daily life?

The 'Random Principle' plays no favourites.

And everything is relevant

To Person, Place and Time.


I shall be like a common cow in a meadow

And chew my cud of thoughts,

Which may have some merit, or not.

What does it matter to anyone but me?

I just don't think I'm alone.

In fact, I'm positive I'm NOT alone.

It seems more than just 'Reason'.

So, I share.

It's a wonderful privilege.


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Mon 6th Jan 2020 18:25

Hi Cynthia

How are you? Happy New Year to you also.

What a poem.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 6th Jan 2020 14:27

Happy New Year to all WOL participants, and especially to those who find intent and time to respond to my work, and me, on line.

I look forward to a fulsome year sharing with you all, worldwide!

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