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I have learnt!!

I have learnt to live alone

To live and die and live again

Mend my broken pieces to make them whole

Stitching my relationships with the world


I have fought the demons and won

Now i know God's power is stronger than satan's

The deceptions are mere obstructions 

 Holy verses cleans the fragile webs of demons


I have learnt to depend upon God alone

For None can ever love me the way He does

He is my power strong and perpetual

In Him lives my hopes, trust and desires of a better future


I have learnt to live with my love at distant shore

His poems and writings are all i have to make me ensure

That he loves me and cares for me in darker or worse days for sure

Neither of us stand to quit eachother, but i do know I Love Him Forevermore


I have learnt my lessons well

Though were hurting, but made me strong and wise

I'm grateful to God almighty 

For sending right people at the right time in my life


◄ So far, so good!!

Broken!!! ►



Wed 8th Jan 2020 14:48

Thank you all!!💕

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Paul Sayer

Tue 7th Jan 2020 22:01

Hold on to the truth.

The world is ever turning to quench your yearning
For a soul to join you, in your quest for love
Will as time passes, be so close by your side
To dry all those tears from your heart that you've cried.

It may seen you're forsaken
Dear Do you are mistaken

Hold tight to your faith
May it never die.

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Don Matthews

Tue 7th Jan 2020 06:47

'For sending right people at the right time in my life'

And the rollercoaster.........

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