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The broken cage

The damaged bird

Ruined life ahead

Love imagination 

Forsaken me

Open sky 

Scares me

Unused wings unable to fly

No hand to hold, no shoulder to cry

I look at the broken cage

Thoughts of past haunts me

Thoughts of future hsunts me

Present loneliness haunts me

All said and done

God here i come

Into your very arms

Take my soul

From where you sent

Unable to live

Hurts, pain and only threats


Why did you hold me

When you had to leave me

Why did you make me dream

When you had to break them

Why you made me believe

When you had to break my trust

Why did you come in my life

When you had to leave me to fate


All is destroyed 

Everything is damaged 

I'm lost on a shoreless sea

Whirlwinds and whirpools engulfs my soul

I'm hurt, in pain, crying tears of blood

I'm free but feel caged again

◄ I have learnt!!

This isn't my's the worst nightmare!!!! ►



Thu 9th Jan 2020 17:28

Thnx has betrayed me beyond repair.....many hv let me down n left me to my fate....m slowly crawling back into my past cage.

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Don Matthews

Wed 8th Jan 2020 21:55

Our rollercoaster and friends welcome you. We will not let you down. True friends never let you down.

And our wheels don't fall off......


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