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So far, so good!!

I'm grateful to God for releasing me

From the clutches of evil and misery

Now I'm standing at a better place 

Here no evil touches me nor it preys

I am indeed grateful for my freedom

God has led me out off the wicked's prison

I shall follow willingly my Lord God heavenly 

For I'm sure He has bright future and tomorrows

In store for me and that's why he got me released

Whereto i need to go, who shall be the leader

I haven't any clue to what plans are being made

I just am practising patience and patience 

For i have dreams to fulfill and miles to travel

Upon the yoder shore I've my lover awaiting my love

I need to meet him really soon, but don't know the exact noon

May be tomorrow, this week or next, may be in a month or many years still left

I shall wait patiently although my heart pains immensely 

I just can't wait to be with the love of my life and start a journey new

But i have no plans, no one spoke about this too

I can't share my mind, thoughts and feelings with anyone

Because of i have none to help me overcome my heartfelt pain

This long separation has made me broken hearted and dull

All my glow is sucked and pinkish touch has become pale yellow

Everyone thinks I'm depressed, but they can't see my broken heart

Those who know and can help me overcome this sorrow, aren't helping either

My lover knows my condition serious, but he is going slow and steady.... Tortoise to win the race, although their ain't any rabbit competitor 

Where shall i go, what shall i follow

I don't wanna go back in the golden cage, but how will i live without my love of life

Every hour is heavy upon my tender body

Every burden is killing me but slowly

I see no shore, no destination...... But i do HOPE.


I wish to sleep a long journey, so when i wake up, i could be without heartbreak, pain, burdens and sorrows

A sleep for few hours or may be days, weeks, months or years or could be lifetime 

Hope thou have given me wings to let my tiny heart fly

Trust thou have given me strength to bear these tests

Prayers thou have given me words to live these lonesome days


I ain't going back to wherefore i came

I ain't moving ahead cos i have no clue where to steer my ship

I'm stuck with patience, hopes, prayers and lots of trust

Can someone help me, or may be pray for me

Can someone feel my pain, hurt and burdens

Oh love!! How much patience more i need to make

Oh love!! My heart is paining just too much

I need you, i need love

I want my dreams to come true

I want to live and love



I have learnt!! ►



Fri 3rd Jan 2020 16:40

Thanx Po!! Much solace received through your uplifting, hope providing, kind words!!

Mera saya saath raheyga, tu jahan raheyga!! 💖

Your words are always welcome n much desperately looked forward to. Always!!

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Paul Sayer

Fri 3rd Jan 2020 16:30

Just a thought away Do

Great heartfelt poetry always reaches all four corners of the Earth

Wherever you go Do My poetry will reach you, as yours will me.


Fri 3rd Jan 2020 16:24

If my heart could be wud be just crying n lamenting.

Thanks R. 🌷 I'm đeeply touched by your comment.

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