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I wish i could write romantic, hot poetry....😔 

◄ Vision!!

So far, so good!! ►


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Fri 3rd Jan 2020 01:17

Do, with the ‘s’ 😃 💃🏻


Fri 3rd Jan 2020 00:34

Hey Mika, kindly break the it he without a s? Or With the s'???

Thanks Mika!!! 💖

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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 23:52

Gee, Don, thanks for the compliment 😊 I’m glad you enjoy my poems.

Do, best of luck and you write beautiful poetry. 💕


Thu 2nd Jan 2020 22:56

Hey Mika, I have a long distance inspiration, who is very much near to me, like my soul.

Po, Po, make me blushhhh!!!! 💖

Hey Don.......i didn't know u r Donna not Donny....phew!!! All this while i thought u wer a He......Now i am more worried about Me.....hey. PO, did u know Don is she n not He.....i am just going crazy.....n yes Mika is He n not she.....oh the entangled!!!


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 22:48

Do it is YOU that are HOT😘

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 21:35

You gotta problem Do. You're in dire straights.

You can't write a hot poem you say? See, you're not a guy Do and us fellas are more attuned to hotness. Look at Po. A Karma Sutra expert we now discover. Probably has book (well-worn) under the mattress.

Have you read any of Mika's poems? Sheesh! would make your ears blush. I actually thought she was a fella. Can you blame me Do? Mika, short for Micheal? What's that? Would be Mica? Sheesh Do, bloody hecklers.....

Now I'm good at writing hot poems. No I'm not a fella Do. Don, short for Donna. Didn't know that did you? I'm full of surprises.......

No Do, my hot poems are about bushfires......

But don't fret Do. I can't write romantic poems. You can.....

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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 18:44

You just need a little inspiration and a helping hand to get it started and then the words start flowing. (speaking from experience). 😊


Thu 2nd Jan 2020 17:10

😊 this one??






Thu 2nd Jan 2020 17:08

To write one, i need to make one, cant fake a make....hope u understand, karmasutra guruji.....jai jai!!!


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 17:00

Oh! but you can Do. You can.

Turn that frown upside down... It's a Karma Sutra move, give it a go Do


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