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A different picture I did sketch in mind

Wearing glasses of colours red, green or blue

It's the world which turns a blind eye on you

But the vision we wear makes a picture glued


I saw the whole world gloomy grey

Sadness, sorrows and lots of dismay

People gloomy and lost in darkest doom

All trough the grayish glasses i wore yester noon


Red was an exciting colour poured upon water

The trees, grass, plants and human beings too

Trust me red was the colour of the next doom

Then suddenly it changed to blueish blue


I have bought the glasses transparent from the market

It makes the blue, green, yellow or pink, look what they really are 

Transparency in thoughts with unbiased opinions helps us have proper vision

Now the world is perceived in all it's natural colours and trust me it's bathed it's perfectly coloured 


With the vision i see and opinion i make about everything around

Past experiences, sound or unsound leaves us astound

We need to clear our little heads, shaking them a little harder

We need to drop our superficial powers of negative feedbacks and gloomy towers



What we are is what we have made ourselves to be

It's not always about the other's negativities

Most of the time we have false opinions 

Seeing not reality because of hazy visions


As i woke this beautiful fog filled morning

And walked through the unlocked gates of gloom

I stepped into the brightest avenues of positivity around

Now there's light all around, outside and within my spiritual ground


I thank thee my God almighty, 

Whose blessings have helped me break

The spells of negativity and doom

Leading me into a beautiful present and a future filled with perfect positivities


Come hold my hand take a plunge

Into the river of realistic perfections

For together we shall live and enjoy this world

My lover right, me and God our protector by our side

◄ Let's get started!!



Thu 2nd Jan 2020 16:17

Not on amazon but in the holy books.

I can't lift my eyes cz these gogs are extremely heavy

Thank Po and Don!!

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 11:04

So good Do.......

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 10:54

I want a pair of those specs Do
Do they sell them on Amazon?

Lift up thine eyes.

Some great rhymes in these lines

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