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Let's get started!!

This new day have new promises to make

In the heart there are new dreams of art

I need to follow those and even more

Into a land where my inspiration stays


Will you be waiting for me travel so far

In search of fulfilling our desires of love

Making my way thousands miles away

I hope destiny has beautiful things to say 


You are my dream, my motivating force and desire true

For you i can climb mountains and anything would i do

There is a sudden calm down the street and I have been working with it

The coolness of breeze holding my wandering feet


Let's get started to work on our desires true

With ever effort of purity and of solemn peace

I shall bring into your life the most beautiful beginnings

Hoping to have a love filled journey travelling along with you in happiness and peace


Decisions are made and rest is left for God to survey 

Destiny has opened the locks and closed gates

Heading straight into the lands of oz's and eef's

The wings are spread and ready for flight to make


Eternal hope of Love to save the world.

Pure and loyal and worth dying for a passion to hold.

A promise from God to heal the wounds of a new life to cherish.

hold firm for your father knows your heart and all of its desires. 

Love will lift you high upon the shoulders of romance and freedom and God will bless you!!! 

◄ I want just us to be!!

Vision!! ►



Wed 1st Jan 2020 17:12

Thank you R and Po......these words should be included in my poem as the final stanza.....a beautiful beginning.....worth living for!!! 💖

Beautiful night dear Po!! Look at ur twin in the sky tonight...i will be looking too, in a hope to see you....smiles 😃:))))))))

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Paul Sayer

Wed 1st Jan 2020 15:56

I echo Roberts words my friend of old.

Great poetic musing Do.

Many ask, but few wait to listen what Allah beholds.


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