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Chequered life game!!

Time is playing a ruthless game

With every tick tock scenario gets intense

Not many hours she has in hand

Whatever little time's left before holiday ends

Waiting for sunny days, frost free climate 

Is a wastage of every precious moment

It could be used to relocate on tranquil lands

For once the normal routine resumes

They would start stalking her up and down immediately 

Being nabbed be easy whence the workdays start

Whatever is left of the seconds are precious for us

Squandering these moments for fog free days is a utter waste

The moves on chequered board are all calculated

Both sides are extremely vigilant and cautious

Before the queen gets into enemies trap

And battles lost forever on our land

We need to do our very best and plan

Graining victory as fast as we can

The pawns are smart and are cutting short

Our timing for freedom that has been achieved atlast

So how can we now let all this be destroyed 

For the mist consumes the sun and spreads through sky

If all help is greatly sent for achieving the plans 

Then time shall quickly be on our side forevermore 

And things would be easy to move on and go

◄ Vacation time!!

Love you forever more!! 💖 ►



Sun 29th Dec 2019 03:06

Hi pal,
Rollers should roll
Where are your folks
Flocks of LMSz
I'm awaiting to start
The ups n ups of ride
No falls to swing
Only great rising
Stop hoeing
Ho hum
Start the fun
Times running out
Vacations to end

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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 22:20

Tick tock tick tock
Hands go round clock
Blink blink, digital
No hands, hi pal

Roller ready
Tick tock
Waiting for
Minder flock

Where's this silly
Ditty going?
Must to garden
Do some hoeing

Ho hum


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