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Vacation time!!

Journey about to begin:


Donny dear our safest driver.

Po, Do, Ruth sitting in the middle seat,

Mike all buckled up in front bucket.

The last one empty for LMS enthusiasts. 

First come first chair, we serve as you book.


This winter vacation we are off roller coasting 

Let's start with the journey straight

Heading the capital city for visas stamping spree

After which we are going to the land of kangaroos 

Donny dear be our driver and our caring host

Melbourne,  Perth, Western Australia and reefs to see

Living life fetching some fun and fancies ashore 

London be our next stop, hitting straight to Queen's shop

Scotland and iceland we may visit there

On our way back we can stop at Italy too


Donny dear, it's a long drive for you

I haven't packed any stuff yet

Another example of the perfect time to get started 

Blow the horn, give a wink

All of us going to rush in


Let's get together and decide once 

Where to rollers going and where the stop

Time decide and let's not get too excited

First get things planned and then we can go riding on


Po is silent about it all

He's uncertain about the new venture out 

Ruth and Do are happy and clapping...clap clap clap

Donny dear blow the horn and give a tap!!!!

◄ Blessedness!! 💖

Chequered life game!! ►


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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 28th Dec 2019 15:25

Enjoyed this Do, Thanks. You've got a good imagination, I can see it as clearly as 2020 😁 When we reach the land of Oz, I'll change my name to 'KangaRuthie' for the special occasion!


Sat 28th Dec 2019 15:22

Yippeee!!! 💖

Yea Don!! Love bug 🐛

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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 11:17

Golly gosh, Do's been bitten by the rollercoaster bug.


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