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Blessedness!! 💖

Gates are open, locks all broken

Unshackled and unrestrained 

Finally escaped the broken game

Unfettered wings flying again


Uncaged bird alighted on tree of freedom

Liberty conveys true worth at new birth

Breathing air of independence 

Amidst all enjoying virtuously solemn release


Wings are healed and confidence revealed

Ready to take on roads for miles to go

Unknown paths shall be traversed safely

With partner strong and match made heavenly


Directions gained through the compass of love

True north is where our future home belongs

We shall follow the star as the three wise kings

Treading the way into divinely eternal bliss


The hour of merriment is fast approaching

Locating the twin souls traversing the globe

Making the wandering feet to finally hault

Rejoicing the solemn vows of marriage and togetherness 


When the heads bow in obedience and submission 

Guidance follows those who are completely obedient 

Nothing can harm or destroy the worshipers true

Those are the ones blessed by Lord, protecting them from every harm


I'm all set and mentally prepared 

For a new life beyond these old gates

Into a garden of everlasting bliss

As we walk our way to happily everafter togetherness 


Dreams shall come true very soon

Every desire pure shall meet its destined shore

All the wishes and prayers made to God almighty 

Wil be answered soon with life blessed with intense purity


Let's hold hands and keep moving ahead

Into the holy land of tranquility and peace

Living the rest of our life in love and worship 

Being blessed children pure and holy endeavours 


◄ Hibernating words!!!

Vacation time!! ►


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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 07:40

Eth?...Is the LMS Theme Park and rollercoaster real?....

I see it over the fence with my own eyes. Do, Po and Ruth wave to me. Driver Don can't cos he driving and must have eyes to front.

Some people are saying it doesn't exist and I'm hallucinating.....

Gosh that's a big word luv....

Miss Bethel taught me it......she was a nice teacher...taught me to count to five on my fingers too.....

Now you mention it Bert some are saying you and I don't exist......

They got a nerve Eth........

We should complain.....where's our birth certificates Eth?.......

Don keeps them in the LMS safe......

(I take no responsibility for comments made by Ethel and Bert. They have a right to their opinions, as do we all)



Sat 28th Dec 2019 06:25

Thank you Don for the free entry pass
Theme park is where i wish to belong
Roller coasters ready to drive me crazy
Hope the rides are thrilling and exciting
Journey would be safe With Donny Doc near
None apple I eat, Doc shall i near me keep
Enjoying the rides in futuristic theme park
Christmas pud was delicious, but didn't eat much
For i was preparing my stomach for a bigger meal
Where with buns we get doughnuts free
Lemme know the time when the coaster i need climb

Riff raffs are struggling bitter cold days
Their minds and body all completely frozen
No park cops required forever more
As safety starts at the theme parks door

Common Doc hold the door open for entry!!

Thale n bert n lucy....n alice, lilly, rose, joey n everyone..... Go on winter vacation!!

Donny Doc has some special patients to treat....hehehhe 😉

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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 02:41

The Theme Park gates will stay open for thee
The rollercoaster ready
I haven't eaten too much Christmas pud
My hands on wheel rock steady

But how much Christmas spirit did he drink Eth?......
Wouldn't want to be picked up for DUI......

Dunno luv. Need to ask him....
Don't think he's created Park police yet. Maybe doesn't need them. Won't let riff-raff in.......

Sensible creator Eth.......


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