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Hibernating words!!!

This winter season is unlike before,

It's chilling cold with fog to hold,

Seems it's time to hibernate and freeze,

As cold waves are fast hitting everything,

I must fade away into nothingness,

As you read these disappearing words,

A ghost i may seem as i am hibernating,

With the summer season at the go,

When the ice may melt and water flow,

My words will reappear on the display screen,

The Thawing of frozen words are captivating,

Untill my ghost shall reappear dressed in coat,

I will emerge from the bottomless pit as whole,

Till then nights are dark and so are days,

Seasons change and so do mindless chase,

Into nothingness i shall slowly dissolve,

With my words as backwater falls,

Like a river emerging after underground disappearing,

Words of poetry too shall find a screen solid hard,

When times are right and mind can create perfect art,

Untill then dear old folks read the white screen with white words,

This winter season with snow on board,

Words are freezing and disappearing sooner than wrote,

Bidding the display a hibernating frozen abode,

Adieu!! Poetic muses and poets on board.

◄ Nothing to lose!!

Blessedness!! 💖 ►



Fri 27th Dec 2019 13:57

Thanks Po!! Ghosts from future disappearing into past....glad u liked this wayward art.... 💕

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Paul Sayer

Fri 27th Dec 2019 11:53

Bloody hell Do!

Talking about hell freezing over.

This is a masterpiece.

Looking forward to the thaw!

Enjoy your self-imposed exile... for a short while.


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