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I love you?

There are reasons many deep within

All of these are confined inside my soul

A connection strong i feel with you since long 

Even before meeting you i was still connected to you

It was all a perfect plan of God almighty

To make our paths cross and unite us

A bond unbreakable grew within me

Trust unshakeable slowly covered me

Your politeness and your anger

Your sweetness and yoiur rudeness

Your looks and your soul

Everything attracted me

A magnetic pull that gravitated me

I grew stronger as your lover

More power i felt which i never felt before

There was something changing inside

Everything growing and glowing

I knew i was in love with you and i confessed it too

I was shy to express more than the words i did use

In kind I could never dare to elaborate my feelings for you

My heart promised to wait till your return

and i am happy it kept the promises made

It was my love that kept me going

Which generated within me and i kept praying 

A divine connect i did feel in my prayers for us

Making me believe all was real and i had to trust

The timings when things would be in favour of us

A day when sun would brightly shine over our togetherness 

The moon to light the solemn paths when it would be dark 

Stars and cosmic rays to play a Symphony adding melody

The whole universe seems to shine at the thought of you

My prayers keeps building hope for our soon to be day of unite

If I could sink into my heart to find all the reasons why I love you, trust me i have done

If i could penetrate into the core of my soul to find the love i have for you, trust me i have done

After all the reasoning, logic, illogical or logical, magical or real

I believe in all the best of reasons to love you like i do

But take my words, it isn't the end of all i have say

There are more words of love i need to profess each day

As my love for you has slowly increased over the years

I believe it will go on increasing with every more years

It gives me peace, satisfaction, a feeling of completeness and makes me whole

I love these as they are all i needed to find with my Mr. RIGHT.

This is just the beginning of lovely reasons for it will grow with the passing years

The reason why I love you is because I love to love you



◄ I thank thee!!

Commited in love!!! ►


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