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Commited in love!!!

When in love you understand 

Every emotion, feeling, dismay and fear

So it never pushes the other to the wall

And does what is best for them and him

For the foundation is strong and rock solid

Falling and going back is not gonna happen

But when one falls then other stretches hand to let them stand back again

But when one fears the other anoints the cause away

Always standing together till eternity 

This world isn't always beautiful, sometimes it's mad

In all the chaos and cruelty the lovers stand by eachother till eternity 

Like an obedient wife, she will follow the decisions made

If happy, she be happy. If sad, she be sad

Untill the heart, soul, body and mind are wholesome again

Take your time, she will always be there, never going away

For there isn't any place that can bring her any joy or sorrow the way he did

She loves the joy shared and his fears, turmoils, saddess and everything that belongs to him

For she loves him with every bit of what he is

For now she waits, may be till eternity,  to meet in paradise for sure

she belongs to him, to his dark and light side both.

True love strengthens and builds

And stays in true hearts forevermore and more


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