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I thank thee!!

I thank thee O Merciful God

For blessing me life on earth

I have no complaints to make

I am here to thank you my God so Great


I thank thee O Most Merciful God of mine

For all your divine mercies on me you did shine

Showering me with blessings asked and unasked

I, your humble servant stand before to thank thee my Lord


I thank thee O the Greatest Giver of all the worlds

There ain't anyone who can bestow upon me anything with love

The way You have blessed my life with never ending light 

For everything from air i breathe to the last breath i shall release


I thank thee O My Ever Forgiving Lord

For giving me respite to mend my life

Not punishing me even when i disobeyed and turned a blind eye

Neglecting all that was mandatory and compulsory to be done by me


I thank thee O The Greatest God of mine

For my parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours and friends

For the food i eat, clothes i wear, home i live in and vehicles to commute with

These aren't blessings small for which i thank You my Loving Lord


I thank thee O my one and only God

For these eyes i see with, ears i hear with, feet i walk with, hands i work with

For the healthy heart, soul, body and mind

These are phenomenal blessings gifted by Your mercy on a small creature like me


I thank thee O my Most Knowledgeable God

For the gift of knowledge of You,

Had I not known You, what would i really do

This tough life is but made easy but by knowledge of You


I thank thee O my Rabb, my Everliving God

For bestowing me with every blessing i asked for

For accepting all my prayers and making them real

For every thing small, big, possible and impossible that You miraculously made true


I thank thee

I thank thee!!!!!


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Mon 9th Dec 2019 08:07

Indeed R.

Thank you🌷

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