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Is the clock working fine?

Since years it struck the same time

The needles don't seem to move

The pendulum goes to and fro

But hours are frozen within the tomb

The eyes are glued onto the ticking frame

The cuckoos seem asleep and forever swoon

I checked the little cuckoo house atop the clock

The birds seem awake and waiting to coo cuckoo

heart beats faster than the sleeping clock 

World seems to revolve on a supernatural path

Seasons changing fast and quick but clock ain't striking

Clockmakers home is afar beyond the western horizon

He seems on a journey mending other things than clocks

Ring a bing clock a dear, coo the happy hour cuckoo dear

Ding dong the bell goes, but it ain't the clocky

Tick tock the chimes goes, but it's handles stucky

I hold the clock in my hand trying to move the needle hands

Bringing the most awaited happy hours, by my lovely hands

Cuckoos happily singing every hour, but i am a clock sitting here

Will the clockmaker make it fast to the shores i am holding this clock

And mend the gloomy hours into happy ones really fast


◄ Missing you!!

I thank thee!! ►



Sun 8th Dec 2019 01:45

Po dear, your words are deep.if only my heart and soul behave themselves well and follow. They like two naughty kids keep bragging n i feel so exhausted n helpless to give them their love. I feel helpless n tired n exhausted n dying n not knowing what is n what will be n what i should do n whether or not...phew.....utter chaos n confusion my little mind has created in my skull....need to bring a mechanic to untangle all the curved wires that are creating short circuit in my head...reflected in my heart n felt by my gentle breaking soul.
I'm sure u r confused too after reading this..phew!!! Phew!!! Phew!!

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Sat 7th Dec 2019 17:45

This I like Do,

Giving the hands of time a hand.

Remember, all things come to she who waits.

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