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Above The Fluttering Butterfly

Above The Fluttering Butterfly



     Today I saw you again,

We spent time in haste and silent tears,

Believing in only faults declared by others,

      Today the time was brief, as if the first

Stage of a future king, a future queen.


     I know the sorrow you live,

For there is my presence, right there

Upon your intuition, right there where

The glance is too important and has both

You and I, look away.


     That sorrow be an ancient sorrow,

Where today I caress your body and note

Your navel missing, like mine tomorrow

     As both you and I, keep silent

Quarter each and every future pain,

For every knowing we are born to suffer,

     Where we quietly acknowledge the

Navel appears again.


     You are the wonder of an understanding

That has a constant eclipse for those unknowing

What is beyond and above the fluttering butterfly,

     For all are taught to insist a something

Beyond the form that wonders chrysalis,

     And then, death,

But beyond and above the fluttering butterfly

Nomalungelo, is the beyondness of a thousand

Deaths of fluttering butterflies,

     Each a rise for every human suffering,

Believing only a fleeting moment beyond cocoon,

     But just as death is done, the magic,

The magic, is only just beginning.


Michael J Waite 5 December 2019



For those of you interested, I produce music too. If you would like to hear a vocal to this piece, then here is a link to my youtube channel which has a 3 track playlist that incorporates this poem.


It is called 'The Black Box Recovery EP' and is also on bandcamp.


Imagine you have spent your time going around the planet in the military on ops. Then when you leave you find yourself having the time to look back, only to let the years of PTSD backed up, say hello. There you are sat, no longer understanding whether you are alive or not, wondering if angels exist, then you have those flashbacks and suddenly recognize your wife who was with you all along, holding the wings up, of a damaged aircraft, keeping it save your future children!


That is my wife, right there, sweating while holding the wings up, for I, and for our children.


hope you enjoy, it is all my own production, theme and writings. And yes, the vocal is there, in the black box.




ILY Nomalungelo







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Don Matthews

Fri 20th Mar 2020 13:42

Writing poetry is in the will never leave you....

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ZTK Space

Fri 6th Dec 2019 21:46

Thank you Do.RoThy.

I have lost tons of decent poetry on account of how my family and I have been treated.

I even swore I would not write anymore but, as you can guess, it is in all us poets. We struggle not to write.

Thank you again.



Fri 6th Dec 2019 01:34

This is beautiful!!!

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