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It is getting real dirty and shitty for Veterans. 2 weeks ago another comrade of mine from the troop I served with, died of Sudden Death.

It is always Sudden Death they list.

The oppo I handed my detachment to at Al Jabayl died the same way in front of his family. He was only 44. Andrew Egan. There are too many and I don't want to count them anymore. All have one thing in common, association with Op Granby (Gulf War 1).

Now I am beginning to perish and I am suffering at the hands of Authority from the Nation I served in faith.

After enduring yet more sublime provocation done from a distance my wife and I had a fight over christmas. You couldn't see Social Service pounce quick enough, of whom I have now qualified as colluding with Police to make life difficult for this veteran and his family. Now we are not officially allowed to contact each other.

We served in faith. We didn't join up to be regarded as criminal or enemy of the state. Now as our lives perish our own Nation seeks to make us an enemy.


Here be a selection of poems old and new. A gulf veteran suffering PTSD.


Some are passable, some are not, some are corkers.


Be strong, be safe.




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<Deleted User> (21487)

Thu 4th Apr 2019 14:03

I realize that my small voice is weak and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
I am one of the people that you, and others like you, protected.

Because of you, and others like you, I am free to say what I will - walk where I will - and write what I will.
You,and others like you, are the Heroes that we depend on.
The very least that I can say is Thank You.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 15:42

There has to be justified anger and disillusionment at the way politicians send our men and women into situations beyond imagining, then fail in their over-riding duty to provide proper care
and attention upon their return...often damaged mentally as much as
physically as a result of being sent away to fight in distant places
for political reasons that change shape and relevance from day to
day,,,even from hour to hour. Little changes if history is any guide:
witness how the veterans of the Napoleonic wars were treated via
the introduction of the Vagrancy Act 1824, or how the post-WW1
governments behaved in this so-called "land fit for heroes". We have
moved on - but not enough!.

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