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O darling death!!!

O Darling Death!

Come to me and take me

Somewhere in far away land, 

Of peace and quiet beauty


O darling death! 

Don't keep me waiting

For i have waited long

For many things in a life so short


O darling death!

This pain is killing me

Come hold me finally

In your loving arms eternally 


O darling death! 

Have mercy on me

Gently lift me from this worldly space

And take me to another land of togetherness 


O darling death!

Be my lover strong

Ungrip me from the devils hand

Only you can get me rid pains and troubles


O darling death! 

Be my knight in shining armour

Come Galloping on your steeds of fire

And take me with you from my loneliness 


O darling death!

You are my only lover

I have nothing more in this world to discover

My story written in golden ink wants to now sink


O darling death!

Hold me in your arms finally

And love me soft and gently 

Take away my breath eternally 


◄ Love you!!

Pause!!! ►



Sun 1st Dec 2019 23:09

Thnx buddy for asking death to hurry. I like your concern to free me of this awful pain.💋

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Don Matthews

Sun 1st Dec 2019 21:33

I know yours is a serious poem Do and I respect it for what it is. You know me, I'm always trying to find humour in things. My comic at play. I couldn't stop the little tyke here.

Oh darling death why are you deaf
Why don't you hear me so?
The batteries in your hearing aids
Have run out? do si do.....


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