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Love you!!

She giggled and laughed as she heard the stories

I had many to relate, she listened slowly

Amazed by the adventures I had long made

Along close and distant shores, away from home

She was always eager to hear more tales from me

Always enthusiastic about the new discoveries 

Her eyes spoke to me in a different language and in different ways

Although she never had anything to share in words to me

But i heard many tales within her calmly nervous eyes

The looks she gave spoke volumes about her inner self

Beautiful yet bold and crimson mixed with oceanic spell

Her voice was pearls and honey, dew drops of early winter hue

Deep inside my human trace,, where the soul resides and divinity grace

Her unsaid words in languages unknown i heard and overheard again and again

A man in me and a woman in her, two souls entwined from heavenly world

Conversed profusely every feeling and lovely emotions

O my beauty! My love filled angelic love from fairies land

I have confided my deepest darkest secrets with you 

As you are the one i love and trust from my hearts core and bottom

Just three simple words, rephrase all it's sensible strength 

Only to melodiously vibrate and echo the sounds of love as I said to you.

◄ The destined hour!!

O darling death!!! ►



Sun 1st Dec 2019 23:11

Thank you R.🌷

Thank you Poemagraphic.Po 💕

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Sun 1st Dec 2019 19:35

This is one of your best to date Do.

The switch paid off.

..."Deep inside my human trace,, where the soul resides and divinity grace...

This line is perfection incarnate Ghaz


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