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A little pause in life


When life makes no sense, pause

Reflect on what the world conveys

Vibes are strong, so catch the track

Board the flight, take a break and Pause


When hurt and pain overpowers, pause

See what can help you relax and ease

The right medicines for happiness release

Board the train, sit again and Pause


When senseless chain of events overwhelming, pause

Introspect the key elements within the heavier domain 

There are little changes that needs to be maintained 

Board the Ship, take the cruise and Just Pause again


When the love of your life doesn't return, pause

Understand the reality behind the closed doors

Love you awaited must be waiting for someone else

Book a cab, take a ride and slowly Pause within



◄ O darling death!!!

Crazy little heart!! ►



Mon 2nd Dec 2019 06:53

Thank you Kim!!! 🌷

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