A Trip to the Dentist

“You keep up with the brushing,

At least twice a day?

And have you done your flossin?”

Wergly wergly werg


“You keep good teeth“, he said to me

“But your gums recede.

How hard is your toothbrush?”

Wergly wergly werg


“You look well tanned for wintertime;

Have you been away?

Wergly wergly wergly werg

“Malta, do you say?”


“We went there two years ago

(Lower left 3, please)

Any problems bitin?”

Wergly wergly werg


Wergly wergly wergly werg

“That happens, I’m afraid;

Moreso in your later years.”

Wergly wergly werg


“So all OK I’m pleased to say”

No treatment?”  “No, that’s that.

See you next in six months time;

Look forward to our chat”.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 11th Apr 2010 19:52

This is funny, and yet almost too accurate to be funny. It made me smile big time.

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Gus Jonsson

Tue 6th Apr 2010 13:49

Ab bent Lafft saaa uchh en a ong imme!

Still achin...

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Dave Bradley

Mon 5th Apr 2010 23:01

Another enjoyable bit of whimsy and good observation John. I finally ended up with a dentist I liked, but Letitia had to go back to Spain. Such a pity.

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John Coopey

Mon 5th Apr 2010 22:17

Thanks Greg.
It certainly made for some of the easier rhymes!

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Mon 5th Apr 2010 21:52

I don't think I've ever met a dentist I have warmed to. They seem to be rather a smug, superior bunch. Perhaps that is because they are used to no-one being able to give it back...
An amusing observation, John.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 5th Apr 2010 20:56

This is so true, John! They have us in their power. It really made me laugh

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