The Stars Are Our Future

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The Stars Are Our Future


(There's something about the underlying message here that bothers me. To say we are 'done with this place, let's go find another' is a cop-out. The underlying cause is too many people. Population continues to increase and we breed like rabbits. The Earth can only sustain a finite number of people. There is an urgent need to reduce population to a sustainable level with birth control. The challenge is doing this in an efficient but ethical manner. So why did I write this if the message bothered me? It appeared as a Letter to the Editor in my paper. I offer my write and views for discussion.  My solution?  Limit the Earth's population to a sustainable level, tidy up the mess we've made and enjoy what has been gifted to us - a most beautiful planet...... But you're just a simple poet Don. Needs more than one poet to change the world..... yes reader, I am sighing)



What are all those sky lights?

And what's that rock going across?


Science and books then entered

The masses read. And also wondered


Yes, we need to repair the environment

by stopping ourselves destroying it

from our innate greed and stupidity


Our planet is punishing us for this


One day if we don't move outwards

toward the planets, then the stars

we will become extinct


Either by our own hand

or by destroying the planet


The stars are our future


Don Matthews August 2019




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Don Matthews

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 22:51

That's deep thinking Ruth. Even a good rhyming scheme.


What's that Janet?

She says Ruth star dust is running out, We going to be replaced with robots. So her little book tells her. Or should that be Little Book?


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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 21:42

Extinction's what we face
Humans to be replaced
With star dust we've been laced
So let's retrace our roots
To space....

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Fri 22nd Nov 2019 12:32

It is in the interests of certain groups (I will avoid mentioning them) - to out populate indigenous peoples in order to put across their own messages and so gain the upper hand - despite local people having managed to cope with their own problems in the past. I see it happening in Oz where there is a fear of foreign faces and we have an in-built mechanism to react to it & in which sense we are little different to other life forms that react to intrusion on local resources. Ask me what happens when ants intrude upon the territorial resources of another species and I will tell you. Call it poppycock if you like but I have lived in this world for more decades than I would care to admit and have visited more places than I can remember the names of - so I have taken from the pot of local resources as much as I have contributed in various other ways. Tolerance has always been in short supply and I cannot offer a solution to this problem. Alas. 😬


Fri 22nd Nov 2019 10:21

Interesting 📖 read!!! Environmentalist poet....👍

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Brian Maryon

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 08:31

Point of order Mr. Speaker - the stars are not our future...they are our past. The light from stars takes years, even light years, to reach us.

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