My Boy He Went To Kindy

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My Boy He Went To Kindy


My boy he went to kindy

Equipped with bag cocaine

It made him feel like Spiderman

Jump buildings no complain


I plead not guilty Your Honour


Post Script


Massachusetts Benny Garcia, 29, has been charged with drug possession 100 bags of cocaine and heroin and reckless dangerment of a child. He is pleading not guilty


Don Matthews November 2019


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Emilia Callahan

Wed 20th Nov 2019 13:31

Oh wow. Not the first time I've seen something like this, unfortunately. These are the type of stories that make me so NOT proud to be an American. Thank you for sharing your poem, Don.


Wed 20th Nov 2019 10:42

Now look what you did Don
You just left tips to parenting
A good parent with qualities good
I just wonder how you learnt these
Btw, seems you be a good parent
I'm sure!!!

Good write Don!! Children can't be unsafe at home.

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Don Matthews

Wed 20th Nov 2019 06:03

Now look here Benny Garcy
You've over-stretched the mark
You could've held his hand to school
And led him 'cross car park

Your child's safety is priority Mr Garcia

You could've also held his bag for him thus avoiding car-knockdowns


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