It’s the way we danced together that I think I will always remember.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’d wake up tossing and turning after another dream where you pulled me in to dance with you under the night sky. I’d close my eyes and lay there for a while, and I would remember the moments I traced your face with my fingertips as I watch you peacefully sleep. Sometimes you would wake up and catch me staring at you then you would gently kiss me on the forehead, hug me tighter, then go back to sleep.

For a time, it was forever.

It’s hard to describe it really. When neutron stars collide, they either collapse into a black hole or they merge together to form a new, larger neutron star. We were the latter. But somehow, somewhere, something changed in our core. A change that resulted to a quiet explosion which signified the end of our star’s life cycle. 

But love, even love we have lost, is a magical thing, that despite how we ended, I would always remember how beautiful we were, how our love will always connect us no matter where we are in life. And so, perhaps, one day, one day soon, I can dance through our songs again and think about how wonderful it was to have felt that way about you.

Because for a time, we were forever.

And it’s the way we danced together that I think I will always remember.

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