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Publishers today don't seem to

Like the written rhyme

They say it's out of fashion to go

Rhyming all the time


I think of William Shakespeare, Yeats

Their work was full of rhyme

And if they were alive today

They would lack publish-time


Today there's little teaching how

To grow the art of rhyme

Into an art form fashion that's

Deserving publish-time


Don Matthews May 2018



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Don Matthews

Tue 12th Nov 2019 02:37

Gosh! There's plenty here to
Rhyme some comments to ya
Resurgence I am surging on
With my genre SORTA


Maybe I could getta job
Jingling for some adverts?
I got no visuals to attract
Just good ol' rhyming dondirt

(You ain't heard of dondirt? And you in radio? Maybe it's a downunder thing......)


Please don't be sorry for said 'rant'
I throw work up for you
To criticize and analyze
(That's why you are on WOL....)


You are forgiven Merey
I know you meant no harm
Was just your multiple accounts
Which gave me much concern

Several blogs on screen at once
Allowed, when we had one
I did not think this fair to all
One 'count now, all fixed, done

Your comment here has vanished, gone
I wonder why is that?
Did you not think before you wrote
(The cat still sits on mat)


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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 11th Nov 2019 19:26

Rhyming poetry is suddenly becoming very popular in advertising again, especially on radio as it draws you into listening in a space where visuals are lacking so I feel that all is not lost, in fact the is a resurgence!

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Joshua Van-Cook

Mon 11th Nov 2019 12:40

I like the premise here although I don't necessarily agree that if Shakespeare, Yeats or any more rhyme-inclined poets were alive today they'd have a hard time being published.

It is always harder to stand out in a stand out in an over saturated market but to take Shakespeare alone, his talent, extended vocabulary and understanding of the dark side of human nature would ensure that there would always be a market for his work.

That notwithstanding, rhyme schemes are still heavily used in contemporary society but seem to be most prevalent in songwriting. Like I say though, I like and agree with the premise for my understanding of what you were trying to convey. As it is true that you don't see too many contemporary poets who adopt such traditions in verse selected for anthologies and the like.

Sorry for the rant but I wanted to give this piece the analysis I thought it was deserving of. All the best. ☺

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Brian Maryon

Mon 11th Nov 2019 08:53

Get a room you two!

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