Avoid building a Berlin wall between us and the homeless

My life is tough sleeping rough,

My throat is sore my voice is gruff.

I beg outside with my cup from Costa,

My wife is dead,so sad I lost her.


I sleep for shelter under a motorway bridge,

In deep winter like sleeping in a fridge.

Many of my colleagues out there do die,

The loss of a friend last week brought tears to my eye.


Only one eye I have, lost the other serving in Vietnam,

Fighting for my country,so sad I am.

I place my cardboard flat on the ground,

Into my sleeping bag I slither, which in a bin I found.


I make sure my sleeping bag doesn't get damp,

I try to keep moving to avoid getting cramp.

I eat something hot before going to bed,

Don't want to wake up in the morning dead.


I dress in layers to keep the cold out,

Try to avoid hypothermia,frostbite and ghout.

A warm word or two can make a difference to me ,

Or an offer of a drink maybe a coffee or a tea.


Homeless people must be given a helping hand,

As on our streets they continuously land,

We should be fighting to remove homlessness once and for all.

Not ignoring its existemce and building a Berlin wall






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Mon 11th Nov 2019 07:51

"I need a bath,a shave and some soap,
For a nice house and a job,there's not much hope!
An avalanche of events have destroyed my life,
I'm a human being living in disaster and strife."

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