Seeing all too clearly.

Seeing all too clearly.

Waiting, hoping for change
for something to happen

will not hit the jackpot
and get what you want.

In my case it's easy to know
the one word that tells all.

I say

I have done this and that
have lived here and there

won awards and gotten praise.
"Oh, your art, your writing."

I've experienced life and death,
my own and others.

This is a new day forward.
Living in the past contradicts

the be here now presents
of presence. What's done

is done. You want to publish
a book? Act to make it happen.

What's fear got to do with it?
Choose your own story.

I hear
It's easier said than done.

I hear
Do it and look back.

Seeing all too clearly.
Now what?


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keith jeffries

Mon 4th Nov 2019 09:21


Thank you for these words as I really needed such a poem this morning. All you say is absolutely true...I like the words, "Living in the past contradicts".


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