Innocent Eyes

Lay down in the dewy wet grass of a fresh spring dawn,
And look to the gently waking heavens stretched out from where you lie,
This is a good day for the child that still lives within those tired old eyes,
To cast its innocent gaze upon the subtle beauty of the morn’,

Ease your weary back of its herculean burdens,
Ease your weary mind of all duplicity and lies,
That this manic world of ours so readily supplies,
Hush the nagging inner voice and its harsh disturbance,

Let the infant in your soul feel the warmth of coming sunlight,
Let it smile as it rejoices in the beauty of the day,
Nurture it as if it was your own child at play,
It has ever lived within you yearning for the light,

And thus it is that you must gently hold this echo of your youth,
This infant at your heart that reminds you why you live,
To offer in good faith to others the best that it can give,
Its gentle joy in living and its wonder and its truth.


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jennifer Malden

Fri 8th Nov 2019 16:17

Beautiful - really moving! Don't know how old you are, but hope you didn't get pneumonia! (Facetious comment).


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Jason Bayliss

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 19:59

Thanks Martin, a little introspective moment for me, glad it came across.

J. x

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Martin Elder

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 14:49

You certainly took me there with this poem Jason. I was that man laying there.
nice one

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 1st Nov 2019 14:34

Thanks Ghazala, I'm really pleased that you noticed a musical undertone, I was actually listening to a bit of classical piano when OI wrote it.

J. x

Ghazala Lari

Fri 1st Nov 2019 11:57

so beautifully crafted.....enjoyed the flow, the rhythm and the undertone of musical supply within the words embedded to arouse the soul's sleeping urge to rise and finally shine....bravo!!

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