Sight Divides


 sight divides us

like an interchangeable eye 
patch Right Left Right
as the careless and faithful mourn alike
the darkness partitioned
for lazy eyes    one face a living image 
of day and night and of the glass gates
Imploding in ratios
Of 2 to 1 plus the crennaled crannog   
on steroids in the midst
 of growing public awareness
from politicians to post-humanic 
cel ebri ties arriving
light footed in their wonder
leaving with footprints 
fit for beasts but

 blindness unites all

at this sadly necessary
linear caveat
our once reliable archetypes
have sold us out
for soma ammo and gnosis
of self import alone
dowsing with salt the secrets 
we need to survive
they play  games 
darker than the devil’s dreams
and every now and then
 a swarm plasmatic appears 
above the sacred navel
 of Gaia the bleeding one
and the ethereal spiritesimal 
is poured through an alien prayer
Spoken in the synchromystic
Tongue the testament
like cosmic eye-drops floating downward
through the aether
toward the core or
as joked the kingdom of Hyperborea

an arctic vortex welcomes
 the eccentric quanta 
as if friends from 
an unthinkable incarnation

so for a time the Earth herself,
her vision restored,
can face her attackers
not 2 to 1 but
one on one

Mere Moments after which
the first of Wisdom’s
organic projects invariably
degrades at miraculous pace
to anihilation

thus the secret aeon shed its veil
hidden till now as a copycat killer
within the crimes
of the creator while
traumatizing angels among
the fragile form or
farm of humanity. 

◄ The Controlled Demolition of the Handshake


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