Bring on the night

Bring on the night

The open sky

Let it be beyond the neon flashing glow

Far away from the on off metronome signs

And ceaseless click clack chatter

Turn off the raging sun

And naked searchlight sky

Let me be beyond the reach of carefully mapped out streets

Let my guide to the after light be the stars

And pitted spotlight moon

Let me see and feel the perfect quiet

of the omnipresent night


Let me see the soundless glide

Of the guileless owl

Across the spreading hedge breath dark

Let the silence permeate my being

Let me not grieve for all that is lost

But just for this night

Let my soul sit up and say welcome

Welcome to all that is still

Before I lay down in glad repose

Before I awaken

To another day of days

Alive and refreshed

Bring on that night

That I might sink upon a bed of down land grace

Bring on the night and rejoice


◄ Smoky joints and hard bitten smiles

Born into this suit ►


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Martin Elder

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 08:48

Thanks to everybody for liking.

Thanks also to Keith Rose and Jennifer for commenting.
I am not entirely sure where this came from except to say that sometimes I really do enjoy the quietness of the night and the night sky.
Thanks again I am humbled by your responses

jennifer Malden

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 20:25

Lovely! Quietness and silence aren't easy to find in our modern world, and are priceless.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 16:42

totally agree with Keith-well done Martin, take care dude.

Rose 💋

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keith jeffries

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 11:25


This poem reads like a melody of desire. Beautifully scripted. A pleasure to read with an almost tranquilising quality. Thank you for this


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