Born into this suit

In this house there are many rooms

And in the rooms are many cupboards

And in the cupboards are many clothes

Clothes in which we dress

And seek to shed to suit the mood

Suits in which to parade and hide

And yet we never truly own with pride

They are that which we are born too

That which comes in many shapes shades and sizes

Some to the untrained eye are ill fitting

Some fit body hugging tight

Aquiline and resolute

Others baggy

Hanging loose and ashamed


But these are the suits that we wear

Those to which we are born and given

Not to hide in cupboards to collect moths and dust

These are the garments that we neither need to

Colour lengthen or shorten

Take out

Tuck in

Embroider or sew sequins

Add tassels or tartan

These are the suits we have no need to shed

With every crease fold and crinkle

These are the clothes of which we can be proud

Tailored with every spot stripe patch and wrinkle

For these are those

In which we are all beautifully and magnificently fashioned

Born to suit

The finely dressed lady or gentleman

One and all

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Martin Elder

Thu 14th Nov 2019 19:49

Thanks again Hannah

much obliged

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Hannah Collins

Wed 13th Nov 2019 22:20

Another great write.


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Martin Elder

Mon 4th Nov 2019 18:25

Thanks to Nigel Tom and Ghazala for liking
and thank you Fish for commenting . I think I have heard that expression before. I also remember the rag and bone man coming down our road when I was a kid on a horse and cart

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Fri 1st Nov 2019 17:10

Martin, the French have an expression which translates as - I feel ok in my skin.
Mmm now why am I suddenly remembering the guy who used to bring his horse and cart down our road shouting out, 'Any ol' rag bownne! Any ol' rag bownne!
Go well

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