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Updated: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 03:05 am

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I suffer clinical depression; these are solely the works of my dark side’s innate creativity.


It’s a phase, they say to me This isn’t who you’ll always be. How are you so sure, my friend? You’ve been through this you say, well when? Someone’s hair dyed dark, their face pierced, Tattoos lining make them look fierce. You call them an outcast, a punk, a fool You say that they’re the devil’s tool. Who’s to say it isn’t a phase? You know nothing of that phrase. You judge them now but even though, They may be suffering, you never know. And maybe it IS just a phase, Lasting months or weeks or days. Maybe it is temporary Maybe the change is kind of scary. Our lives, they shift and rearrange, We live, but you’re afraid of change. “Something different then you, you see? Oh, it’s horrible, it cannot be!” Like they’ve said a thousand times, Maybe it’s a bit sublime, But change is everywhere in life, Change for good or change for strife. So if you’re hated for your change, The people call you weird and strange, Know that you are not alone, I swear your pain is not unknown.

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 15th Sep 2019 07:11

Welcome to WOL CharaOfNothing. Really like that sample. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

J. x

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