Dark to light

I come from a dark place


The land of no return some may call it 

Making my way back up to the surface 

After living in my head for 

I pay homage to the fall and winter 

Because it brings me closer to myself 

Yet I am starting to notice how much I have been ignoring the light 

How does the spring and summer affect me?

Besides being hot and feeling like I want to be outside 

A time of human relationships and preparing for the harvest 

It’s my fault I am learning 

That I  keep holding my breath 

Especially when I make the decision to go right *Inhale

Then end up going left 

I am learning to take responsibility for my actions 

Cause I agreed to let the programming take place 

Even if I did it out of ignorance and was trying to make space 

For myself in a world that I didn’t understand 

Since I choose to be a passive 

Now I must dig my self out of the sand 

See when I was young I was making decisions for the moment 

Not realizing I was programming my future self 

Cause now I must undo what I have done 

For the sake of my health 

I want to explore my femininity 

Feel more comfortable in my skin 

Remember to breathe when I am awake 

And participate in this reality I am in 

Dear Sun,

As you ascend higher into the sky 

May my understanding grow as well 

So that out of my darkness, I more gain light ?

— Farmer Yani Koo



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