I strive to be a part of the hive

The queen bee is the light of my eye, the spark of spark divine.

Her frequency speaks to me, peacefully, decency well balanced in her machinery

I drone out the static, feel the hum of her words

I strive to be part of the hive, so what's mine is hers


I step out to amass my bouqet prize 

by her side, in line we all move in unison but i see her eyes meet mine, and they drag my mind free

under her spell atop a tree


Perfect hexagons, the sacred place we lie. 

Her geometry runs through me, and the rest of the hive.

something about our little niche, resonance intertwine.

we form a bond that cannot be broken, even by time


sweet honey, many little gifts

out of place, we're in a race to outpace the smoker
my heart pressed against hers, love is more than a chemical bond or a word.

I feel her in my structure, my molecules, every strand has a brand with her lettering.

Her army does the wave as it collapse and our decibels refract.




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Martin Elder

Fri 21st Jun 2019 09:58

By the rhythm and the use of rime I would suggest that this would be excellent as a performance piece.
Love the subject matter
Nice one

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