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Bears, bears, bears!

There were bears everywhere

Now he saw them, all those bears throughout his years.


The Panda Bear.

She would come out and stare, and stare.

Blinking ringed black eyes against the rare glimpsed sky.


Serene and sober

Conversely troubled but not in a rage

She'd think for a minute, slowly turn, then go back to her cage.


The Grizzly Bear.

He stood the size of a mountain

His shoulders could hide the sun, his arms hold back the rain


Caring and cantankerous

He would rumble round the den

Check on all the cubs, then hibernate again


The Polar Bears.

They strolled the aisles where no snow ever formed

Sometimes they would scar him, to calm his arctic storms


Fuzzy and fallacious  

They were clearly out of place

One even sported a red tie, but never a smile on its face


The Honey Bear.

This fella clearly needed to eat

He was a migrating Ursine, out, and looking for meat


Leering and lecherous

His eyes burning, trying hard to sear

He should have picked a better meal; that one wasn't queer.

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