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We were challenged to write a poem inspired by two randlmly chosenpages in a dictionary, thesairaus or encyclopedic book. This is my offering


The light grows from his bedside lamp, illuminating hitherto unseen leaves of Humorous Quotations.

He pores through dry pages of politicians' dry political thoughts

Seeking inspiration from giants of history


Is this all they left behind?

A verbal point scored, the tickling of a lexicographer's mind.


At Yalta, it's one up to the Brits as Winston opens the score

Teddy has no response as Stalin is compared to God


Adolph, in despair, advises Mussolini on being photographed in swimwear

While Disraeli shuns badinage - an ironic inclusion


O, the whit of these masters of mirth

He doubts they submitted their daily task resignations.


In 81, Macmillan said no sensible man would challenge the NUM

If only he knew what she knew, and Arthur knew four years later - no one in Barnsley laughs.


Addressing Mr. Parkinson in the book he asks: If men only enter local politics due to being unhappily married,

Does this improve the lot of their wives?


Barack contemplates his melanin tinge and its pre-election origin

Contrary to Phocion's question, his words are not inadvertently foolish


Mr Marr invites everyone to a cultured lunch where Bojo has his cake and eats it

Hilary regrets the waste of good tomatoes


Mr Nathan assures him that politics is the aspirational ladder of the trivial minded admiring the more trivial minded.

He titters not, but sighs, closes the book, and closes his eyes.


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