A Journey Forward

A Journey Forward


I do not fear being carried aloft

with all cares cast aside with me enwrapt

Sprinkled with holy water to cleanse

with clouds of incense to uplift

My departure will be as silent as time spent

to fly on the wings of angels to him who sent me

No regret shall accompany this onward journey

only the bells that ring the memories of times past

Farewell mortal throng of many a day

the starry trail is paved to ease my way

No dread or anxiety shall accompany this soul

no baggage to impede, no obstacles to stumble over

I shall be gone as I so came

I shall depart to be forgotten as will we all in time

A purpose served, all is accomplished now

perpetual rest awaits in the meadows of arcadia

Let me drift with no false ceremony

all is taken care of as I am expected.

Finality does not greet this naked soul

only an abundance of eternal love

in the blissful glades of serenity

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<Deleted User> (21854)

Sun 28th Apr 2019 21:46

Such beautiful crafted poem and delicately written

mona s

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 05:27

Beautifully written and such serenity reflected in the lines.. Really liked this..

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