the well

There is a type of loss that embodies the feeling of standing still while everything around you is in motion.

This kind of loss stalks memories and preys on helpless moments of joy like a stealthy predator.

It is a cup of sand for a thirst so unbearable;

A full-body dizziness,

Nausea so intense that it hurts.

It is an unnatural fear that paralyzes one’s existence.

There is a loss that feels like you’re standing still while everything else is in motion.

And it will happen the moment you realize you have become the best version of yourself.

It will happen when you have bleed in your efforts to satisfy someone else’s needs.

It won’t care about time zones or understanding you.

It won’t care about who, what or how much you have lost in your past.

In fact, it will grow in the pits of the voids within you, left by those who have abandoned you before.

This loss is the cold side of the mattress.

The undisturbed pillow.

The sudden lapse in being able to recall who you are and what drives you.

But the instant you see her again and feel nothing,

You will know that this time, this loss, will have been for the better.

◄ Ode to Harleen


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Mon 22nd Apr 2019 07:38

Thank you for reading, Marie.

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Marie Alyza

Sun 21st Apr 2019 23:08

This is beautiful especially the first two lines. Thank you for sharing!

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