Ode to Harleen

The mind tends to fear what it does not understand,

And I have seen the laws of nature bend to your will.

I have seen the impossible manifest itself into reality at your command.

I have watched the currents of oceans retreat as you approached their shores.

I have seen rock turned to dust at your touch,

And brush set ablaze at a single glance.

I observed these phenomena, inconceivable as they were, yet I did not feel fear.

But where were you when I needed to know that the properties of this world can be manipulated?

When I needed to know that you are not fettered to the limitations of time and space?

Where were you when I needed you to breathe life into me again?

Where were you to pick me up when I was down, lift me out of the mud, wipe the grime away from my cheeks and dry my tears?

Where were you when I needed help?

To protect me from the rain,

 And when the flooding began,

Where were you to save me from drowning?


◄ Augustus

the well ►


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