Words of The Waiting Man 30 (Final Chapter part 2)

Is it so messed up that I hold you to your word
Until I bleed for all the times that you lied
I've never broken my word but you always break your own
So save yourself from the poison you poured my glass

You promised marriage but all you gave me was heartbreak
So now I'm here melting into a puddle
Trying to make sense of why you didn't want to stay
Was it me was I not good enough 
Two fucking years in this question still remains

For after all you left me in my lighthouse
Just to find out that you went two harper's over
To a field of snakes to find love
I guess my Sour Patch gummy skin wasn't protective enough
You had to go find something that was poisonous

I guess part 3 of this chapter 
Will be the end of the waiting man 
The Space Cowboy will have to fly again
For he's the one only one that can reach you now
You always liked him more anyway
For foreplay is his kingdom

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