Firefly Winter

I want to go back to the days
When no one knew that we were something
Back to the nights when I cuddled you
I was scared of you not being by my side
I know these words are in vain but they're all I have left

Back to the days when you read my poems everyday
When you were excited to talk to me
Back to the days when I gave up the computer for you
God dammit do not understand I love you

You're my everything but I'm just of a distant memory now
Do you even understand what I'm trying to say
I'm so fucked up and you did this to me
I told myself I'd never fall in love again but with you it was easy
I guess that's why this heartbreak hurts more than anything I've ever felt

I could be a scapegoat lover if that means anything to you
I guess there's no options but this now
Firefly I miss you so much 

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