Words of The Waiting Man 30 (Final Chapter part 1)

If walls could talk 
Then walls were only talk about 
How much I loved you
Cold and clammy nights was the worst for me

Now you're becoming lost to the Sea
I'm locked in this lighthouse all alone
Your body pressed against me
Has pasted against my walls
I can scream I want it over but it's evermore

Could you please save me tonight
Before my body becomes perfect symmetry
With the barrel of god's mouth 
There's not a chance in hell I'll make it out alive

But I'll still miss you tonight
So take your crow and scream nevermore
Your memory will always haunt me

So the day you left me with suicidal tendencies
My world flipped upside down
Betrayal sting like a bullet
With my last words I told you I love you

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