Crowbar 6

fog condensed 

percolated upon the brows

of fallen kings: 

that we descended like spiral staircases

wherein every step 

suspicion creaks like bone 


sheathed just-so

 we are unknown

a swath of heads 

taken, cackling in the streets 

bobbing in gutters, downwind and downgrade 

before meeting Death; 

pummeled and pestled 

squashed, pressed into mortar, 

diecast to be diamonds in the rough 

amongst the wrecked masts of history and 

cleaned by woodsmoke, polished under the sun 

sands shifted and unburied 

laughing as we did in life :

so wide that we lost our bottom jaws 



I refer to us as we 

so you know you're not as alone 

as it feels 


I refer to us as we 

So you know you're not as alone 

as it feels 


I refer to us as we

grown up on tomes 

and waded reeds

songs squeaked out , dire as noon

thirsting for dog days to come again

yet in one another

we are quenched. 


thru blooded handshakes we've entrenched

a bond deeper than the womb of chance. 


so you know you're not as alone

as it feels 

Crowbars and where to find them

◄ Slag Ag+(aq) (03/30/2019)

everyone can agree a relationship is a compromise but recently mine hasn't been very equal -- no, in fact it's like my pain is not allowed to exist and every concession must be made to accommodate the other (05/03/2018) ►


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keith jeffries

Thu 9th May 2019 07:13


Thank you for replying to my comment on Crowbar 6. I feel a certain affinity with what you wrote in your reply I look forward to reading more of your work. You have a profound talent.


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John Bastard

Fri 3rd May 2019 15:26


You are correct. In many of my works there's a a struggle between the abstract "old ways" panoramic thinking that directly conflicts with societal demands to be shaven down and fit into an organizational structure. This structure has to make sense, and it has to make the right kind of sense, and it most be a 'productive' kind of sense (the definition of productivity left wholly to be determined by a rubric written via the same party that gives each and every person coming into adulthood an ultimatum)

This is a theme I struggle with greatly in my personal life. How do you meter a balance between self sustainability whilst maintaining the more cumbersome parts of ones soul? With which vices, hobbies, and perversions does one fill the holes with, post surgery? From whence does one newly derive meaning after the old source is cut off?

part of growing up I guess, and to me it's the worst part. Maybe I'll never get there.


Thank you. I appreciate all commentary and the more people read the better. I have one or two more worth reading and I hope you find more that resonates with you.

Thank you both for reading me.

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Apr 2019 14:46

Very very nice Zach. I absolutely love your use of words here. I look forward to reading more.

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keith jeffries

Sat 20th Apr 2019 18:10


This poem fascinates me as it speaks of the antecedents of who we were and now are, or am I mistaken? It certainly stimulates the imagination as your use of the language is rich and powerful. Whatever my interpretation it requires deep thought, yet I suppose readers will find other explanations. Suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It could have been recited in some great baronial hall.

Thank you

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