are happy places

brimming with noise and activity

people sit in booths

to eat and drink

but more than that

to talk

about the weather

the family news

about friends and relatives

the word is

that Uncle Joe is getting senile

that the kid has ADHD

that the dog died

the noise is deafening

people shouting across the table

all competing for the right to speak

above the clank of dishes

the scrape of silverware

the restaurant roars

like a jet engine

the waiter keeps coming around

asking if everything is all right

the birthday trio sings happy birthday

someone spills his drink

the baby stares in wonderment and awe

then finally the bill

which brings everyone back to reality

a price on everything

we sign the receipt for good times

we leave it there

reunion leads to sad goodbyes.

the tip under the plate.





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keith jeffries

Sat 20th Apr 2019 14:54


This is one of your best poems to date as you captivate perfectly the ambience of a restaurant in full flood. As with all good descriptive poetry you take the reader into the restaurant and allow his or her imagination to be free.

Thank you for this


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